Fat Burning For Traveling Consultants

Whether working in IT, software, management, sales, or another field, it can be difficult to lose weight with a traveling job. Irregular travel schedules and living in hotel rooms is not ideal, for maintaining a specific diet and/or exercise routine. Here’s how you can encourage the fat burning process, while working away from home.

-Walking to burn calories and relieve mental fatigue

Those who travel for work often suffer from mental fatigue, especially after a day of fighting traffic, airport lines, and hotel check ins. One way to encourage weight loss is to take a walk. If a flight has been delayed, take a long walk around the airport. You may want to consider packing a comfortable pair of shoes in a carry on bag, so you don’t suffer from foot soreness or blisters. Walking also helps improve mood and can reduce mental fatigue. When there’s no time at the airport, try taking a walk on each floor of the hotel or try the stairs.

-Request a room with a mini fridge

This is a great way to keep healthier food items and snacks available. Room service menus and nearby restaurants may have limited menu choices. A mini fridge can have enough space for a small amount of fruit, some yogurt, healthy drinks, and healthier snacks like trail mix.

-Eat breakfast every day

Eating breakfast gives your body enough fuel to last a while. You will be less likely to hit the snack bar or machines. Many hotels offer free breakfast, which usually includes some type of fruit, healthy cereal, bacon, eggs, and muffins or bagels. Try to avoid the starches and mix protein with healthy fruits. A bowl of cereal with milk and a piece of fruit should get you off to a good start, if you’re focused on weight loss.

-Don’t count on a gym

Hotels often have gyms available to their guests, but they may have limited equipment and limited hours of use. If you can’t or don’t want to use the gym, make use of the hotel bed for doing push-ups. Use the hotel door for arm pushes, and bring along a jump rope for aerobic exercise and as a stretching aid – plexus weight loss website.

-Avoid drinking at cocktail hour

Try to focus on networking and focusing on the job at hand. If you feel compelled to have one drink, stick to something light that won’t pack on the calories. Keep the time short or set a time limit, so you’re not tempted to have another drink.